Independent Home Inspectors

Unlike most home inspectors, IHINA inspectors sign a
No Conflict of Interest Pledge.

Find an IHINA home inspector near you.

If the inspector you're considering has not signed the pledge, ask why?

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Provides non-bias home buyer information including the inherent conflict of interest issue with real estate agent referred home inspectors.

If you purchased a home and the inspector you used was referred by the selling real estate agent and you now feel the inspection was not done in your best interest, IHINA wants to hear about your experience.


Home Inspection News Stories

Should You Hire The Real Estate Agent Referred Inspector?

Agent referrals are a primary source of client leads for non-IHINA inspectors. Surprisingly, most prospective home buyers don't give this potential conflict of interest a second thought... Read more...


Home inspection true stories

True tales of home inspections submitted by IHINA inspectors.

What's a home inspection cost?

Often the first question prospective home buyers ask a home inspector.