new gutter instillation problem

homebuyers had the opportunity to accompany home inspectors on new home construction inspections, this question would never come up. Most people are under the impression that governmental officials are overseeing the construction process or that the bank or mortgage company officials are making sure the house is okay. This is not the case. Talk to any home inspector who inspects new homes and they will tell you that they find numerous faults and defects. Many of the issues uncovered are small problems, however, if not found and corrected in time, turn into major problems. The photo below shows such a case. The person who installed the roof gutters apparently couldn’t wait for the siding person, so he installed the gutter right up against the unprotected OSB sheathing. If this situation had not been caught, the new home owner would have had a water infiltration problem. Since this home was one of many built in a sub division (a North Denver suburb,) this problem may likely be duplicated at other homes in the development.