Heat Recovery System

heat recovery system hazard

Builders often wonder why you would want a good independent Home Inspection. After all, the house is looked at many times, so what could be wrong they ask? Fact is, many things are wrong, code violations abound, missing house parts are common, and many things are not installed or done properly. The photo below is of a HRV Tandem Vent at the back of a new three story home in Canada. This tandem type vent is different from the separate IN/OUT HRV vents that many detached homes have. This dual vent is a single unit that sucks air in from the bottom to the HRV, and the exhaust air from the house goes out the top front of the vent. Note that it’s directly above a gutter and right beside the exhaust vent from the homes gas fired water heater (Carbon Monoxide is one of the exhaust gas components). The unit is too close to the gutter which is considered a “permanent horizontal surface”. An 18 inch clearance is the Ontario Building Code minimum requirement for this height rule and the water heater gas exhaust vent is too close to the HRV intake. The required clearance between the HVR Intake vent and the gas exhaust pipe is 6 feet.

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