New Construction Wall Opening

Home inspectors are often asked by potential home buyers whether or not a home inspection is really needed on new construction. The quality of new home construction varies greatly depending upon the price of the home and its location, but in general the quality and attention to detail has gone down over the years. Some of the issues uncovered in a home inspection are major structural defects while others such as seen in the photo below, are situations where a tradesperson tries to do something outside of their field, in this case an HVAC person decided he / she could do the finishing work where the furnace flue pipe past through the exterior wall of the house. That’s exposed 0riented strand boardwall (OSB) sheathing under the metal, without corrective action, water will get into the wall and will allow rot, mold and insect problems to develop.)

[new construction detail defect]

Photo by Dennis Robitaille of Able Home Inspection

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