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Independent home inspectors can help relieve home buying stress by providing factual information about property conditions. So structural, electrical, heating, cooling, plumbing, roofing, siding and other home components are inspected. The inspection process is an educational experience, so home inspectors welcome and encourage clients to be present at the inspection.

Prospective home buyers have the right to hire home inspectors of their own choosing:

Keep in mind that real estate agents receive a commission from the property seller. Agents, therefore, work in the best interest of their client, (the seller.) As a prospective home buyer, you’re the one paying the home inspector, hence, that inspector should be working in your best interest. Independent Home Inspectors pledge not to actively solicit real estate agents for client leads.

Should prospective home buyers be concerned about how home inspectors obtain their client leads?

IHINA provides information about the inherent / potential conflict of interest between real estate agents and home inspectors.

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