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New Inspector’s Perspective On Home Inspection Field

I’m a journeyman carpenter and work as a project manager/ estimator for a commercial general contractor. This limits me to generally less than 40 full inspections a year. However, nearing retirement, this is what I want now. Since becoming an inspector in 2011, I have come to develop a small but loyal referral base from  Continue Reading »

Using A True Independent Home Inspector

Like most home inspectors who have been around the block, I have encountered real estate agents who have tried to either undermine, down play, minimize or argue away many of the defects or issues found during an inspection. The more issues found, the more negotiations that may be required to finalize a sale or worst  Continue Reading »

Truth about real estate agent-referred inspectors

(The opinions and views expressed on this page do not represent the views of all home inspectors. The views and opinions expressed here may not necessarily apply in all areas of the country. These comments are based on personal experiences, feedback from home inspection clients, conversations with home inspectors, attorneys and real estate agents and  Continue Reading »

How much should a home inspection cost?

This is often the first question prospective home buyers ask a home inspector. (Asking the inspector about their qualifications, experience and how they get most of their business, should be the first questions.) In home inspection, one size does not fit all. The level of experience and talent of home inspectors varies. The size and  Continue Reading »

Sun Damaged Floor Covering

Sunlight passing through a thermal pane door has caused heat damage to this floor covering.

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