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Low E Glass Hazard

These photos show vinyl siding damaged from an issue that is becoming more and more of a problem as people replace their old windows with thermal pane low E type glass. Low E glass can reflect magnified sunlight, intensifying the damaging heat effects of the sun rays. The house that had the low E glass windows was around 25 feet away (to the North) from the house with the vinyl siding. The home was located in the Southern part of NH.

[heat damaged vinyl siding]
[heat damaged vinyl siding]

Photos by Dennis Robitaille, of Able Home Inspection

New Construction Wall Opening

Home inspectors are often asked by potential home buyers whether or not a home inspection is really needed on new construction. The quality of new home construction varies greatly depending upon the price of the home and its location, but in general the quality and attention to detail has gone down over the years. Some of the issues uncovered in a home inspection are major structural defects while others such as seen in the photo below, are situations where a tradesperson tries to do something outside of their field, in this case an HVAC person decided he / she could do the finishing work where the furnace flue pipe past through the exterior wall of the house. That’s exposed 0riented strand boardwall (OSB) sheathing under the metal, without corrective action, water will get into the wall and will allow rot, mold and insect problems to develop.)

[new construction detail defect]

Photo by Dennis Robitaille of Able Home Inspection

Destructive Fungus

When basement moisture is not controlled, the results can be ugly and dangerous. This photo of a floor joist covered with wood destroying fungus was taken in an older basement that has had a long term water infiltration problem. The water on the floor becomes water vapor and saturates the basement air. The wood members absorb the moisture and in this case the percentage of water in the wood exceeded 28%. The result in this case was widespread damage and failure of the wood structure.

destructive fungus

Photo by Dennis Robitaille of Able Home Inspection