Some Interesting Home Inspection Photos

Melted Plug

Giant Fungus

Galvanic Corrosion

Offset Chimney

Chimney Drain In Attic

Fried Wires

Corroded Water Heater

Water Filled Glass Pane

Service Tag

Patched Pipe

Overcrowded Junction Box

Fallout Shelter Supplies

Basement Tree Root

Fuse Shower

Burnt Rubber Roof

Exhaust Caused Ice Dam

Relief Valve Shut Off

New Construction Drain Line

Heat Recovery System

Floating Steps

Disconnected Plumbing Vent Pipe

Coffee Can Flue Pipe

Cut Floor Joist

Destructive Fungus

Sink Supports

Homemade Rain Cap

New Construction Wall Opening

Duct Tape Trap

Low E Glass Hazard

Duct Tape Floor Repair

Sun Damaged Floor Covering

Updated 12/17/2018
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