Home inspection photo gallery

Asbestos Contamination
Garage Foundation Failure
Improper Flue Pipe Installation
Chimney Problem
Leaky Fuel Oil Tank
Do-It-Yourself Support Column
Cut Rafter
Overheated Electric Circuit
Do-It-Yourself Heat Exchanger
Perforated Flue Pipe
Mold Soup
Frozen Pipe
Rusted Support Column
Sewage Backup
Monitoring Well
Electric Shower
Sill Rot
Open Drain Pipes
Cut Joist
Electrocuted Frog
Floor Repair
Sunken Tub
Stinky Attic
See Through Shower Stall
Flue Liner Collapse
Double Tapped Circuit
Mineral Bath Water
Floating Radiator
Deadly Burglar Bars
Garage Door Opener Safety Defect
Bump In the Night
License “Plate”
Attic Bucket
Stinky Bathroom
Unique Steam Radiator
Men At Work
Structure Failure
Improper Asbestos Removal
Frozen Vehicles
Attic Nest
Gutter Problem
Chewed Circuit
Home Warranty
Termite Wire Tap
Fireplace Danger
Vent Pipe Flashing
Dryer Fire
Bathtub TV
Electrocuted Squirrel
Oil Fill Pipe Hazard
Wasp Hazard
Please Follow Instructions
Blocked Outlet
Poor Planning
Clogged Lint Screen
Messy Electric Panel
Federal Electric Panel
Old Drain Line
Brownstone Covered Tank
Unstable Porch Supports
Rusted Fuse Box
Fireplace Form Boards
Melted Plug
Satellite Dish House
Rooftop Water Heater
Concealed Vent Pipe
Shoelace Drain Line Repair
Leaning Toilet
Giant Fungus
Galvanic Corrosion
Plastic Junction Box Cover
Center of Gravity
Offset Chimney
Chimney Drain In Attic
Fried Wires
Corroded Water Heater
Water Damaged Wall
Water Filled Glass Pane
Conflicting Signs
Service Tag
Patched Pipe
Overcrowded Junction Box
Fallout Shelter Supplies
Basement Tree Root
Locked Christmas Tree
Fuse Shower
Homemade Bidet
Washing Machine Hose
Chimney Plants
Burnt Rubber Roof
Light fixture Door Stopper
Exhaust Caused Ice Dam
Tree Blocking Stairway
Relief Valve Shut Off
Cheap Joist Hanger
Burnt Curtain
Fallout Shelter Vent
New Construction Drain Line
Heat Recovery System
Driveway Gas meter
Floating Steps
Leaning Chimney
Gas Line In Fireplace
Disconnected Plumbing Vent Pipe
Coffee Can Flue Pipe
Cut Floor Joist
Destructive Fungus
Sink Supports
Dangerous Lightbulb
Homemade Rain Cap
New Construction Wall Opening
Fungus Glass Pane
Lint Covered Crawl Space
Hatching Spider Egg Sac
Rodent Panel
Hazardous Electric Outlet
Duct Tape Trap
Low E Glass Hazard
Plastic Ground
Duct Tape Floor Repair
Sun Damaged Floor Covering

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